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Cleaning And Organizing Your Garage In Six Steps - 24 Apr 2019 19:00


Before you can apply the epoxy paint to use for garage floors the paint package should be ready in accordance to the manufacturers directions. This applies to brand name new floors as nicely. It serves no objective in making use of down a new layer of paint on a concrete that wasn't correctly prepared because the completed product gained't last too lengthy or will have a poor end.Before pouring your garage floor paints, you must make certain you have a solid ground surface area initial. The ground ought to be hard and compact. If it is an untouched ground surface area, it should be okay to begin. If the floor has been formerly dug up then you are going to require to pack it down prior to continuing. Nevertheless, some people suggest that you make footers into the floor before you pour any concrete. The footer operates the entire perimeter of the garage floor.You can repair, recover and improve the look of your garage or functions area's flooring by using garage flooring epoxy. An advanced form of polymer, epoxy or polyepoxide, is utilized for numerous things like paint, adhesives and coatings. Epoxy has even been known to be utilized in wind energy applications, artwork projects, aerospace and electrical units. It is not shock why garage flooring epoxy is the favored method to coat, shield and cover your garage flooring since it is known to be so tough.Check your garage flooring. Garage is 1 component in your home which most people fall short to consider advantage of their garage, which is a disgrace. In purchase to get the most use out of your garage, you need to take care of it. This is exactly where garage flooring comes in. Floor covering in your garage can completely alter the look of the room. More importantly, it can conserve you a great offer of concrete floor restore more than the life of your house. With out any safety, your garage floor paints is doomed to crack and endure from dampness exposure. Not only will the correct garage floor coat improve the look of your garage, but it will also shield this excellent space from dampness and the elements.To use the drinking water bead test, observe how drinking water behaves after you spray it on the surface area of the concrete. It ought to seem to movement off the concrete until the surface area is moist, but there is no existence of water. If rather you see drinking water beading up this indicates you nonetheless have impurities which should be eliminated. Use a higher-high quality degreaser and as soon as much more roll it out and rub with the floor broom. You especially require to scrub in the areas where the beading occurred, even though it does not harm to do the entire floor and then rinse and retest for beading. You should carry on performing this phase until the water no lengthier sits on the surface.The simplest way to make your old tiled floor appear like new is to paint more than it with paint garage floors. You can both sand or prime your tiles in preparation, then paint the floor with different types of Garage floor paints (painting more than the grout as nicely). Later, you can use a various paint garage floors to highlight the grout. Use a skinny brush and adhere to the groove of the existing grout.The ceiling region is rarely used with tons of valuable area heading to waste. There are many businesses with pulley methods and shelving that can easily be elevated and lowered. There are many options for wall cabinets in numerous cost ranges from simple cabinets to higher high quality, transportable steel shelving. There is just about any kind of storage method available whether you just require a small additional space for storage to making the greatest space for a car assortment.A garage is regarded as a wasteland by many homeowners and they usually do not like to spend much on its upkeep. But one forgets that this corner of the home or workplace might be hampering the overall aesthetic attraction of the building. You can make your garage presentable and appealing just by putting in flooring coatings. This will not only shield your garage floor but will also give it a taken care of look gelling well with other components of the home. Usually, garage floors are made up of concrete and Concrete Flooring Coating is perfect to give the magical appear to your garage floor.Both of these issues are tied into the dampness content material of your concrete. More importantly than your concrete is the atmosphere you reside in. Many individuals up in the northwest corner of the states do reside in a rain forest and with out a proper gravel bedding will have moisture issues in their concrete.So, what kind of coating ought to you buy? It may appear tempting to purchase some tough exterior paint, clean up the flooring, and paint it on, but there is a much better way. Epoxy based floor coatings will show much more tough and sturdy in the lengthy run than other types of paints.When choosing a garage floor paint/epoxy go with the epoxy option. I have never seen a paint for a garage flooring that stands up well to scorching tire choose up, no make a difference what the paint store sales person states. Scorching tire pick up is simply when you pull into your garage following being out driving and your tires are hot sufficient that an inferior product on your garage flooring will really pull off the floor and adhere to your tires. Talk about a mess. Look for a two component epoxy package with colour flecks and non-slip additive accessible in the package. Your common package will consist of a small can of activator, a large gallon can of the base of the epoxy, coloured flecks to add for aesthetic appearance, and non-slip additive. Simply adhere to the instructions on the box to apply the paint. - Comments: 0

How To Install Garage Floor Epoxy And Make It Last - 11 Apr 2019 12:08


However, there are a selection of Different types of garage Floor paints that ought to not be utilized on your own. A base paint ought to be applied before the 2nd paint is applied. Epoxy primer is used primarily as foundation paints before the finishers are utilized to provide you with a smooth garage floor. You have to get the right information and choose the choices that will help deliver you fantastic results.After degreasing clean the flooring with cleaning soap and water and then let it dry completely. The very best idea is to place a heater in the garage for right away with a window cracked to allow out the higher humidity.If the floor is totally free of dampness or is above a basement you ought to etch or have the floor mechanically prepped with a shotblaster or flooring grinder. It is essential with concrete to profile the surface area region providing more flooring for the paint to stick to. Numerous producers suggest an acid etching solution. The issue with an acid etch with a liquid is that you will be making use of a extremely diluted ineffective answer on the flooring. You might really feel good that you etched the surface but it probably didn't function. In addition to a diluted acid concrete is never flat. The drinking water and acid solution will flow to the reduced spots getting minimum influence on the high places.The final stage in making use of an epoxy garage floor coating is to use a clear topcoat. This gives it a glossy end and tends to make it easier to thoroughly clean as well. Generally one gallon will include approximately three hundred square ft. Fairly a couple of goods on the market are produced to do the exact same factor, so appear around and inquire your local hardware store owner which product they recommend. That way, they can provide help and suggestions in making use of the product they offer. Make certain you adhere to the directions on the can simply because a mistake in applying the epoxy can stop it from performing what it is intended to do.Adding value to a garage and updating this beneficial space in you home is simple to do and perfect for all the Do-it-yourself ers out there! You can easily include a ton of value to an outdated garage in one weekend! Get the whole family to assist an you will adore the results!Cleaning a garage is one of the most dreaded duties of homeowners. Whether or not your garage is connected or unattached, it's a dirty and time-consuming job. If your garage is messy and unorganized, think about organizing it following you have moved every thing out to thoroughly clean. Thoroughly clean out your garage at the start of the spring and drop. If you thoroughly clean your garage two times away, it will assist steer clear of heavy grime buildup.You can enhance the appear and durability for your individual or professional garage simply by including new garage floor paint. Each industrial and house garages have benefited from utilizing the paint and some have even acquired some business. Garage flooring paint can be applied to concrete garage flooring and even to wooden coated floors so you can be certain your floor can be upgraded by the paint.Those are the basic kinds of epoxies. With the developments more than the many years, epoxies can also be grouped according to their unique attributes. We can now discover epoxies with self-leveling or self-dispersing capabilities. The self leveling epoxy coats are fantastic for Diy projects. They are simple to set up even if you are working on an old garage floor paints. The surface arrives out leveled and smooth with out any effort.The only really downside to rubber tiles is the heat factor. This is not genuinely an issue unless you want to use a torch to cut metal, or an arc welder, as the sparks can burn up a hole in the tiles. This is simply remedied although by laying out a skinny sheet of metal under your welding bench.One of the most well-liked methods to have a stunning, personalized garage is to place in paint to use for garage floors. This technique enables you to select exactly how you want your garage flooring to look. You can pick the colour and you can even put in color flecks while you are performing the garage flooring portray process. And it looks amazing.Second; home windows and trim. No, don't replace them. However, to make money on your flip, clean lines are a should. Make certain the trim has a good distinction with the significant paint color and appears good to the eye. Also, consider it one step additional and put the trim about the windows - it will make your flip stand out.Whether you apply one or two levels of paint to use for garage floors, make certain you allow each layer at minimum 4 to 6 hrs to dry completely. Cracking and other damages can occur to your coating if you do not permit it to properly dry. Applying your coating during as well hot or too chilly temperatures is not recommended either. You want to apply your coating during temperatures of fifty five to ninety degrees Fahrenheit for it to adhere the best. Check the forecast as nicely because if there is rain coming you do not want to begin your coating. The dampness that rain causes might make your flooring coating to not stick to the floor. - Comments: 0

Garage Floor Paint Coating - Maintain Yourself Secure - 10 Apr 2019 12:43


Even if your garage floor paints or patio isn't new, you can seal it. Purchase penetrating concrete sealer from your local home improvement or hardware store, and after correctly cleaning the floor, follow product label instructions for best outcomes.The garage floor paints is difficult to thoroughly clean, as it does absorb the soiled things. The flooring options available in the market do provide some reduction, as this type of flooring requirements conventional cleansing.Next you need to select an epoxy coating for your garage flooring. You ought to choose a item that is in between 70%twenty five - 100%25 solid. If you buy a epoxy kit from a store you will soon discover that as soon as utilized to your garage floor it will only look great that working day, as they are generally weak. However higher overall performance coatings are pretty simple to discover, even if this is your first paint to use for garage floors. If you have paid interest to cleansing and repairing your garage flooring beforehand you will have a garage flooring with a urethane leading coat that lasts for many years. Also make sure that the epoxy your set up can be cleaned effortlessly and can handle scorching tires.There was a time only garage flooring paint was accessible in the market but with time, there have been several innovations and now garage floor tiles are accessible in the market. Garage floor tiles just like garage flooring paint, are less expensive and tough flooring answer. They are corrosion resistant to some extent.Another fantastic thing about a higher high quality paint to use for garage floors is security. Have you at any time skilled stepping in a puddle of drinking water that has little oil drips combined with it? If you are familiar with the term "my ft went under me" then you know what I'm speaking about. The mixture of water and oil on a floor produced of concrete is a harmful and even lethal mixture if you hit your head on the difficult surface area when you drop. This is one good reason why you should consider the software of a paint to use for garage floors.The solvent based epoxies are also a great option. Nevertheless, there are variations in between garage flooring epoxies and this 1 is not as tough as the one hundred % solid epoxy. Nevertheless, they are a lot less expensive and easier to use. The downside is that they offer a thinner surface. They are most most likely to last shorter than a one hundred percent solid epoxy.Another tool to think about using prior to making use of any concrete what paint to use for garage floors is a pressure washer. If you do not have 1 then think about leasing one that has at least twelve hundred to two thousand psi. Your hardware shop ought to offer you with a good grease-removing cleaner to use with the pressure washer. An additional purpose that your coating may not adhere is that there is too much dampness in the floor. Dampness from the floor can function up into the floor and loosen the paint.In some cases you might require to apply two coatings. That indicates you need to let the first coating at minimum four hrs before making use of the second one. So if you want to finish in one day you should start early. Another factor, which is essential, is that you shouldn't permit anybody to set foot in your garage for a few times. The car ought to also remain out for a while till you are certain that the coating is steady. If you cautiously view out for these things then your coating will last a lengthy time!The most vital step irrespective of the flooring paint you select to use is going to be the cleansing of the flooring. No paint will adhere to the concrete if there is any type of stain present. For occasion, the paint will simply raise up, generally in a month or two, if you have any kind of oil contamination current.For the most part, flooring covers are made of mats that will guard the concrete. You can also use them to protect the floor from discomfort peeling or scratches. Due to the plethora of styles you can invest in, there's definitely something that you'll like. Also, you can find it simple to thoroughly clean and replace, because there are no adhesives sticking it to the garage floor.Once the flooring is dry, spill a little of the remaining three what paint to use for garage floors s on a piece of cardboard or paint tray. Dab the sponge in each, smearing evenly, then push the sponge to your floor, staring in a corner. Continue portray with your 3 paint garage floors, every time dabbing the sponge and urgent it to the flooring. Paint about five faux bricks, then start the next line. This time, dab only fifty percent the sponge at the end, so the new line of bricks will be misaligned from the first line by fifty percent a brick (which is the way bricks are usually laid). Carry on this sample all alongside the floor. You will quickly see how astonishingly reasonable the paint garage floors appears.There are a number of types of garage floor coatings. The most essential are: vinyl garage floor coating, roll over flooring coating, interlocking garage flooring coating and epoxy garage floor coating . The most well-liked and one of the best garage floor coatings is the epoxy garage flooring coating. It isn't very easy to set up, as you have to view out for a few things prior to you set up it, but if you do it correct it will last for many years to arrive and it will protect the concrete extremely nicely. Furthermore, it will give your garage a fantastic appear. So, if you want your garage to look great, the first thing to do is set up a garage flooring coating. - Comments: 0

Prepping For A Concrete Garage Floor Paint - 06 Apr 2019 09:50


You store your car in the garage, that is the main purpose. This cannot be done if you have turned your garage into an more than flowing storage region. Things everywhere with only a little walkway leading to your home entry from the garage. These six steps will assist you get your garage back again in shape.Water is not the only factor that can stop epoxy from sticking to your concrete garage flooring. Anything that gets in its way, whether or not it's grime, oil, grime, and dust will also prevent the garage floor paints coatings from sticking where it requirements to adhere.Believe it or not, most people would instead not have to deal with their garage floor paints. Because of to the chilly and harmful nature of concrete, it tends to make sense that people would want to cover it up. You can even inject a bit of fashion into your garage with the assist of floor mats and addresses. With the help of a flooring mat, your garage flooring can stay good for much longer, and your kids will be secure from harm.There are a number of epoxy coatings for residential garage floors on the marketplace. Some are water based and other people are solvent primarily based. Water primarily based is effective and simpler to deal with. Whatever the product, some manufacturers will inform you to apply to a moist concrete surface while the majority will instruct you to be absolutely sure the floor is totally dry. Therefore, usually adhere to instructions and do good pre-preparing study. What ever the option of epoxy item, a new epoxy surface definitely tends to make a significant difference in appearances and makes the cleansing of a garage considerably simpler. Don't overlook the fact that a completed garage surface makes for much more attraction when trying to sell your house.Many things can be done with garages to organize them. There are customized cabinets that can be bought and many people are now repairing their garages into additional rooms. Just having a concrete slab would not look good in an extra space but if you place in paint to use for garage floors it can appear amazing.After degreasing clean the floor with cleaning soap and drinking water and then allow it dry totally. The best concept is to place a heater in the garage for overnight with a window cracked to let out the high humidity.It is important to use garage flooring paint that is particularly designed for the purpose. Using standard paint can trigger much more issues than just an unattractive floor. Oil based paints will warmth up and soften to something that might run across them, exactly where as water primarily based paint will clean away throughout attempted cleaning. Using 1 of the numerous garage floor paints accessible on the market can get rid of these issues.However durable, the way the paint is utilized on the flooring has a great deal to do with it. With a more cautious planning, the much more resilient the coating will be. Before, epoxy paint to use for garage floors has to be utilized by an professional. Now, with do-it-your self kits accessible in hardware stores, anyone can use it easily.From one of the leading names in safety, Thompsons WaterSeal Concrete Treatment is priced at much less than $20 for a 1 gallon container. It provides distinct protection for various surfaces including stucco, stone, brick and concrete and is resistant to chips and cracks. But, it will protect your garage floor paints from deicing salts and also help prevent cracks from winters freezing and thawing cycles!Once the floor is totally cleaned, allow it dry the whole evening and then you can apply the sealer. If it is awesome outside or if it is damp exactly where you live then using a space heater, both electrical or propane, can truly pace up the drying procedure.Then, they excitedly open the box, mix up their see more, roll it on the floor, throw out a couple of decorative chips and the floor appears amazing, just like on the box. The fight has been gained. The home proprietor has this fantastic looking concrete flooring and it was cheap.The ceiling area is rarely used with lots of beneficial space heading to waste. There are many businesses with pulley methods and shelving that can effortlessly be raised and reduced. There are many options for wall cabinets in numerous price ranges from easy shelves to higher quality, transportable metal shelving. There is just about any kind of storage method available whether or not you just require a little additional space for storage to making the greatest space for a car assortment.You can improve the appear and durability for your individual or expert garage simply by adding new garage flooring paint. Both industrial and home garages have benefited from using the paint and some have even gained some company. Garage flooring paint can be utilized to concrete garage flooring and even to wooden coated floors so you can be sure your flooring can be upgraded by the paint.The real time is short. If the flooring needs to be fixed and cracks filled you're looking at a few hrs. You can buy everything you need on-line so there is no shopping time driving about. You can purchase affordable see more at most house improvement stores but be forewarned, they don't last and can begin peeling off the floor in as small as a few times. A high performance coating appears excellent and valuable which resonates through the rest of the home. - Comments: 0

Prepping For A Concrete Garage Floor Paint - 04 Apr 2019 04:04


If you get the epoxy floor paint starter kit, then you'll have every thing you need in the package deal. Just clean the whole garage flooring and make sure that you are sporting protective garbs as you go about the venture. Once you're good with all the preparation requirements, your garage flooring will definitely appear more than perfect.At this stage the gap in the drywall is covered and the patched drywall feels smooth to the contact. Now prime the region with paint primer (thick white paint), then as soon as dry, paint with a color to match the rest of the wall. If needed, apply a 2nd coat. If you have a textured wall, use wall texture spray to coat the area following priming but before painting.Wooden boards are utilized to develop your type. You can't pour a garage floor paints without having some kind of type to maintain the concrete till it dries. Make sure all your corners are square prior to pouring any concrete. I hope that when you are ready to pour it is not a scorching dry day, as the concrete could set too quick. If it sets too fast, it might not be as durable as what it ought to be. It should pour effortlessly when it has been completely combined. Leveling the surface is carried out with a tool called a wooden float. As it dries, you will want to eliminate the wood forms and spherical the edges as well. Consulting with a professional for tips and methods is a fantastic concept before starting this occupation.It's extremely simple: staining your concrete does not protect your it. Now, that being said, there are some goods that label themselves as stain that say they consist of some kind of safety. For the most component, these products are a combination of two chemical substances in one package deal: the concrete stain, and some kind of sealant. This is a very good factor for the buyer simply because even following you have utilized stain to your flooring, you will certainly want to use a sealant, so purchasing it in 1 package with directions to match just makes feeling. Nevertheless, maintain in thoughts, you don't have to stain your concrete to get the sealant. Clear concrete sealing products are also accessible separately.If you want to know which is the correct paint to use for garage floors for your flooring, then you should favor to use an epoxy primarily based item with great high quality. Epoxy has the ability to give the flooring protection from extra abuse, and, also, fill in the negligible irregularities that have occurred on the surface. The moment the epoxy flooring coating has cured your floor is much more or less imperishable and lengthy lasting.It's simple to produce the illusion of a fake brick porch by utilizing prepping tips to paint garage floors. Begin by heading to your home enhancement store and purchasing a rectangular sponge the dimension of a brick and 4 shades of paint garage floors: black, brick red and brown for your bricks, and taupe for your fake grout. Utilizing a roller, paint your floor with a primer (which looks like white paint), then paint more than it with color of your grout.You can enhance the appear and sturdiness for your personal or professional garage merely by adding new garage floor paint. Each commercial and home garages have benefited from utilizing the paint and some have even acquired some business. Garage floor paint can be utilized to concrete garage flooring and even to wooden covered flooring so you can be sure your floor can be upgraded by the paint.As it turns out, there is. There are many kinds of garage flooring coverings accessible, but I'd like to focus on the coating choices in this post. While putting in some tile or a mat might be the way to go for many, sometimes its simpler just to paint on a tough paint to use for garage floors and be done with it.Usually, but not in this situation. My guess would be that it's because of to the acids required for the etching procedure, but a can of Quikrete Etching Stain will likely operate you more than $300, and that's with out cleaner or sealant. That's fairly darn expensive, even moreso than some of the higher high quality garage flooring tiles. Nevertheless, garage flooring tile gained't make your concrete appear like marble. Is it really worth it? That depends entirely on you. If protecting your concrete is your leading precedence, I would say no, even though as soon as sealed, there is some protection. If your main objective is to make your concrete look different than any of the other garage floor finishes, though, then this will definitely do it.If you do not presently use your ceiling for storage, you should begin to. Use the ceiling joists to store lengths of wooden or old boxes of things that you by no means intend to use again, but still don't want to get rid of.To use the water bead test, observe how water behaves after you spray it on the surface of the concrete. It ought to seem to flow off the concrete till the surface area is wet, but there is no existence of drinking water. If rather you see drinking water beading up this indicates you nonetheless have impurities which must be eradicated. Use a high-quality degreaser and once much more roll it out and rub with the prepping tips to paint garage floors broom. You particularly need to scrub in the areas where the beading occurred, even though it does not harm to do the entire floor and then rinse and retest for beading. You must carry on performing this stage till the drinking water no lengthier sits on the surface area. - Comments: 0

Paint Best For Garage Flooring - 01 Apr 2019 01:41


Epoxy paints are quite simple to use as well. Since they are paints, you only have to use a brush or a roller to use it on the flooring surface. If you have almost any concerns regarding where by and also how to make use of writes, you'll be able to email us in our site. If you love doing home improvement projects around the house, this one's ideal for you. You can do the job by yourself if you have the time and power for it. If not, you can always hire a handyman to do everything for you.Choosing the suitable garage flooring paint and using sufficient time to prepare the surface area prior to beginning your garage flooring portray venture is a great way to ensure this project is a achievement.Epoxy writes is a tough protecting coating that you paint onto concrete. It is intended to resist grease, oil and chemical substances that would harm or damage normal paint. It is fairly simple to clean and is accessible in several different colors. People are very happy with the look of the floor once it has dried after software. It will keep the floor searching great for many years to arrive.Clean all of these locations with a scrub brush, heat water, and a degreasing cleaning agent. Even if there is not an obvious place, oil is often found on garage floors. If the oil is not completely removed, the patch will not bond with the relaxation of the garage floor paints.Moisture issues are common all over North The united states. They are seen as 1 of the single biggest factors limiting the useful service lifestyle of a building. Wet basements are the most frequent grievance of property owners. Over 60 % of basements have dampness leakage and 38 percent encounter mold and fungus growth because of to an elevated degree of dampness.Epoxy paint to use for garage floors s have a chemically cured film made of a two part epoxy that does not soften under intense warmth; therefore, it will not raise and peel below hot tires. One coat will give you a stunning semi-gloss end that will final you for numerous years. It is tough and resistant to just about every automotive fluid there is. Epoxy paint to use for garage floors is resistant to brake fluid, gasoline, battery acid, diesel gas, and transmission fluid. Some of the fluids will soften the epoxy coating if still left on it too lengthy, so make certain you thoroughly clean up any spills in a well timed manner. An epoxy flooring is easy to clean as well. Sweep off the dirt and debris, then mop with heat soapy drinking water.On the outdoors, nearly always, the exact same changes can be produced. Initial, look at the entrance and take out anything that masks the view of the home; evergreen bushes and big plants in front are not essential and near off the see of the home. There is nothing even worse than hiding the elegance and appeal of your flip powering a bunch of foliage. Instead, choose blooming vegetation with a low profile that are vibrant and make your home look fresh and new.Sometimes, we have a tendency to be blinded by the good things that a certain item provides. So we skip the drawbacks. But if you take your time to read reviews on writes, you'll have an objective view of the various coatings available. You will get to see if the benefits truly outweigh the disadvantages given the dimension or scenario of your garage floor.On the outside, almost always, the same possibilities will come up. First, the front view. Consider out anything that masks the see of the house; evergreen bushes and large plants in front are not necessary and near off the view of the house. There is nothing even worse than hiding your flip powering a bunch of bushes and trees. Instead, choose blooming vegetation with a reduced profile that are vibrant and make your property appear fresh and new.This Mainstays Rectangular Door Mat is produced in the U.S.A., and is distributed by Walmart shops. I discovered it very refreshing to study the rug is made in the US, as way too often I study that products are made in China, and I would favor to by American made goods.Epoxy is recognized as a two-part resin and the two parts must be mixed with each other prior to application. Usually, one coat is applied and permitted to dry right away. An extra coat is then utilized and permitted to dry as well. In some situations, a distinct topcoat is utilized at a final layer. The epoxy steadily hardens and cures in time, and it ought to be hard sufficient to stroll on in about twelve hrs, however will require a minimal of 4 times before you can drive an car on to the new floor.If you get the epoxy flooring paint starter kit, then you'll have everything you require in the package deal. Just thoroughly clean the entire garage flooring and make sure that you are wearing protecting garbs as you go about the venture. As soon as you're good with all the preparation requirements, your garage flooring will certainly appear much more than ideal.If the concrete floor was handled with a sealant such as a waxy or silicon primarily based product, no paint is heading to adhere to it. 1 way to check for dampness issues is to location a rubber mat to the floor for a few times; if drinking water is current underneath it then you will likely not get anything to adhere to it such as paint to use for garage floors. An additional check you can perform is to pour a little drinking water on the concrete flooring, if it just sits there for a long time then a sealer has been utilized or it is contaminated with oil or grease. - Comments: 0

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